Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We Live in Critical Times

There were two teenage boys who got themselves a couple of frogs.  One they named "Pete" the other "RePete".  They thought it would be fun to conduct an experiment on them so they got out two of their mother's best pots, filled them with water and put them on the stove (N.B.  Don't try this at home!)  They started the water boiling on one pot and when it was almost at full boil, they threw in Pete.  But Pete ended up jumping right out before his little frog toe hit the water.  

In the second pot they threw in RePete.  The water was tepid, so RePete was fat and happy.  They first turned the heat to low, then a couple of minutes later, they turned it up to medium.   RePete felt like he was in a sauna, just soaking in the happiness.  They turned it up to medium high, and bubbles began to form.   RePete was still oblivious to what was happening.   Finally they cranked the stove up to high.  Still no reaction from the frog.   Fifteen to thirty minutes later RePete was no more and the boys had broiled frog's legs for lunch.

Our culture is slowly coming to a boil and we are oblivious!  Ideas and practices are quickly becoming the norm today that were unconscionable fifty and sixty years ago.   Has our culture become so "enlightened" as to become barbaric?  

When God created the world and everything around us, He set out with a logical plan, starting with the land, the sky, the earth and the sea, creatures that swim in the sea and the beasts that roam the earth.  Then He created human beings "in Our image, after Our likeness" (Gen 1:26), the image and likeness of the Trinity.   Human beings were created with intellect, memory and will.   We are distinct from the beasts.  However, when we misuse our intellect and will, we become like beasts, disregarding that dignity inherent within us. 

I cringe when I say this, but to my eye, the culture is degrading when we are forced to accept the right to kill innocent children before they get a chance at life, when we are forced to accept as a general norm impotent relationships between members of the same gender.  What kind of world is the next generation going to be living in? 

I pray that the next generation is able to learn the truth about God and His will for humanity.   God's will for us is based on reason and common sense.  We see this in the way we are created and (dare I say) designed.   If there are those that do not see that, then take it on faith. 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us!

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  1. The world has forgotten the past and all its horrors (Nazi's, Communism, concentration camps, mass slaughter of millions of innocent lives; today we have killed 50 million babies and untold numbers of elderly & sick through euthanasia; Satan has us by his grip and is not letting go! We need God's intervention and Our Lady's Triumph promised through her many appearances in these dreadful times. "Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!"
    BTW Father, if you add the http:// to your Twitter post, people can click on the link directly to this blog. Also see my blog today on my comments about Our Lady of Ransom, today's trad. Feast
    Pax Christi


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